Forumocity: Forum Facilitators


Forumocity provides all of the benefits of professional, world-class moderation, programming, and content — while eliminating the need to hire a Facilitator for a full-day session and the added cost of travel or accommodations. You’ll receive secure guidance from Facilitators who know how to moderate conversations with skill and ease, even through difficult topics and/or conflicts.



Choose from Facilitators around the globe versed in dozens of different languages with strong expertise in small-group dynamics. Forumocity Facilitators are skilled in the effective moderation of in-person and virtual panel discussions, leadership retreats, staff and board meetings, peer groups, emergency Forum meetings, and conflict resolution. Each session is designed to your needs after a pre-meeting call with your Facilitator.
All Facilitators are certified by Geniecast in two-way video moderation, ensuring you receive the same level of guidance and skill, whether the gathering is in person or virtual.

Forum Or Special Interest Groups

All Forumocity Facilitators are accredited trainers with years of experience in Forum programming for the Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO) and/or the Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO). Our Facilitators can help Forums or Network Groups at all stages of development:

  • Master YPO’s new presentation framework
  • Master EO’s presentation model and coaching
  • Strengthen communication fostering a deeper level of sharing and personal growth
  • Identify ways to create higher take home value for all
  • Resolve conflict
  • Establish Forum norms

Accessibility and Reassurance

Resources can connect securely and confidentially with individuals, Forums, teams, boards, networks, or groups with up to 200 Participants, either in person or virtually from anywhere with an Internet connection. Emergency meetings or non-geographic based groups can be easily organized from your desktop, tablet, or mobile device with just one click.


Add a fresh, new dimension of innovative thinking to your regular Forum meeting, fostering a deeper level of sharing through customized content and coordinated exercises and discussions that re-engage and energize all members. Create variety by adding a new voice and programming to your traditional monthly meeting to prevent it from feeling stale or stagnant.

Subject Matter Experts

In addition to our team of Facilitators, Forumocity offers access to more than 75 professional content experts around the world, versed in Forum protocols and available to lead a 60-minute discussion via two-way video. Cost is greatly reduced and geography is no longer a barrier to securing the right resource for your discussion.