Express Case Study


Connecting A Global Audience with Content to Build the Brand and Drive Sales


Express Employment Services partnered with Geniecast to produce its annual Celebrity Talks event. Express uses this event to offer its field offices access world-class content that they, in turn, use as a recruiting, client service, and prospecting tool. It needs to be effective at gaining interest and viewership so that their local business grows (via their branches) and their brand affinity grows nationally (and internationally).
The content had to be world-class, the event had to feel exclusive, and it had to be flawless.


Geniecast conceived of an event that could capture the excitement of the moment and stay useful after the event. First, Geniecast recruited two of its highest-profile Genies (one of whom will remain anonymous). We then scheduled each Genie to be filmed in their hometowns, while interacting with the Express Personnel moderators. These segments were married through high-quality editing to appear as a live event. The event “debuted” on a broadcast day and continues to live on for use by subscribing Express locations.
Over 800 offices were connected to the event – with each office having multiple connections, resulting in thousands of streams reaching the audience concurrently.

Key talent located in New York and in LA, interacting with Express Personnel leadership via interactive video chat. All in 4k, with the highest production standards.

Moderated by Express
Secret Guest Speaker
Amy Cuddy

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