Event Production Pricing

Production Service Packages

Landing Pages
Registration Page (Basic) Event description, calendar, logo placement, basic data capture. 1 revision
Access/Launch Page (Basic) Event image, best practices, launch button, logo placement. 1 revision.
Registration Page (Custom) Event description, media and copy, registration, calendar, data capture. 3 revisions.
Access Page (Custom) Event image, best practices, launch button, media and copy. 3 revisions.
Presentation Services
Branded Intro Slides Client-branded slides with logo and brand message. 2 slides / 1 revision
Live Motion Graphics Up to 6 custom graphics created and managed by Geniecast. (Per 60 min cast)
Presenter/Client Coordination Scheduling for rehearsals, gear checks and Cast day.
Technical Services
Gear Check Up to 30 minute system check for meeting space or presenter with report.
Gear Check + Best Practices Session 45 minute system check for meeting space or presenter with best practices and report
up to 4
up to 4
up to 6
up to 12
Presentation Media Management Slides, video and other presentation media hosting and controls (per 60 min cast)
Final Systems Check Final system check/review up to 6 participants 30 minutes prior to cast
Live Technical Support/Virtual Producer Experience Specialist Live Monitoring and support (up to 75 minutes)
Venue Advance / Virtual Walkthrough Virtual venue inspection and a/v capabilities check w/ best practices (per 60 min cast)
Full Dress Rehearsal Virtual event walkthrough with full tech and staging setup (per 60 min cast)
In-Cast Engagement
Live Q&A Management Chat monitoring and information distribution to host or moderator (per 60 min cast)
Audience Engagement Management Virtual audience communication management w/ Q&A & Live Polling (per 60 min cast)
Monitoring & Reporting
Invitation & Email Reminder Delivery Up to 3 branded event invites and reminder emails. Designed and delivered.
Social Media Targeting & Support Paid social campaign, targeting and remarketing
Attendance Report Standard attendee report to follow cast
Registration Report Reports via Geniecast Registration Page (1 report per week / up to 4 weeks)
Video Services
Cast Recording & Delivery (Basic Editing) Video will be cut, bumpers applied and ready for replay. MP4 video format
Additional Video Editing Standard cuts, transitions and b-roll intergration (up to one hour of editing)
Live Stream to public platform Raw stream push to Facebook Live or Youtube (per 60 min cast)
Live Stream to private platform Raw stream push to Facebook Live or Youtube (per 60 min cast)
Virtual Host or Moderator Includes gear check and rehearsal (per 60 min cast)
3-months Video Hosting
3-Months Custom Hosting and Content Portal (password protected)
Post-Production Presentation Packaging & Design
Video Editing w/ Motion Graphics & Editing Up to 3 custom graphics & 1 bumper
LMS Management & Integration
Premium Private Streaming Platform (1000 seats)
Platform Usage & Hosting 2-way or 1-way includes link creation and redundancy (per 60 min cast)