Case Study

Zitter Health Insights


Zitter Health Insights is a healthcare research firm that assists life science companies with issues related to product access, reimbursement, and managed markets. They had embarked on a broad initiative to innovate their core products and develop and launch new products into the marketplace.


Zitter was interested in elevating their abilities for brainstorming and creative thinking for an upcoming large company conference. This innovative corporate culture was missing from their management ranks, so they needed to bring in outside experts to speak to this type of message. Time and resources were a factor, so Zitter put out the word that they were looking for quick, cost-efficient, highly-relevant solutions.


Having heard about Geniecast via word of mouth, Zitter navigated to the website and selected two programs for their event: “How to Facilitate Brainstorm Sessions” by Mitch Ditkoff, and “Creative Leadership – Creating a Mindset of Innovation” by Chic Thompson. Geniecast’s streamlined booking process mitigated time and resource constraints by allowing Zitter to purchase these programs with just a few clicks.


The Genies presented excellent and very relevant content to the event. Zitter came away with concrete examples of formal brainstorming processes, and their newly hired VP of New Product Development was empowered to employ more innovative thinking to his critical role with the company.