Case Study

The Bar Association of Metropolitan St. Louis (BAMSL)


Founded in 1874, the Bar Association of Metropolitan St. Louis (BAMSL) serves member attorneys who practice in the St. Louis metropolitan area. One of the major services BAMSL provides its members is over 200 available hours of its own Continuing Legal Education (CLE) courses that satisfy the requirements for member attorneys to keep their membership current for both it and MCLE for The Missouri Bar. BAMSL’s CLE includes a mix of in-person classroom education, self-directed learning, and virtual learning courses. These courses are administered by BAMSL directly, which means the organization is responsible for the production, content, and delivery for each event.


BAMSL was using a patchwork system to deliver their CLE content virtually; attendees had to rely on their own cell phones and various non-dedicated applications to receive their instruction. Problems with video streams, audio quality, and overall user dissatisfaction were common. BAMSL Executive Director Zoe Linza reached out to other Bar Associations around the country and all were dealing with similar issues, but no one had a viable solution. Even fellow executives were voicing to Zoe their displeasure with this vital piece of the CLE curriculum.


Since 2015, Geniecast has been transforming the way people connect with ideas by making speakers, thought leaders, and subject matter experts—otherwise known as Genies—as well as premium content globally accessible through live, two-way video interactions. They provide premium virtual production services to companies looking to innovate their events, education options, and conferences and deliver full-support event marketing solutions to departments, groups, events, and globally dispersed organizations. BAMSL already had experts and content; what they needed was production, services, and marketing, and they wanted it to be as professional and relevant as any instructor-led course delivered in person. They gave Geniecast access to their social media accounts and attorney database so Geniecast could handle all event promotion as well as tracking for signups, payments, and attendees to ensure everyone received proper credit for taking the necessary courses. Geniecast treated it like a ticketed event, charging attendees at sign-up rather than requiring a budget-busting up-front fee from BAMSL. They developed email reminders, press releases, and printed flyers along with an online registration page for sign-ups. Geniecast also set up customized reporting to make sure audience members not only signed up, but also actually logged in to attend the event and for how long.


BAMSL hosted an all-day CLE event in downtown St. Louis, with hundreds of attorneys attending in person. Geniecast set up an online portal for St. Louis-area attorneys to sign up for up to three CLE courses being offered virtually and received 120 registrations before the event. For the event itself, the portal featured an embedded video stream that virtual attendees used to view each course presentation. In a large auditorium, presenters stood front-and-center flanked by three large projection screens to show slides and other assets with Geniecast setting up their AV equipment more than 50 feet away in a balcony. The video feed was so clear that, even with that distance and a modest zoom on the speaker and center monitor, small text was still perfectly readable on mobile devices. And the streaming that Geniecast employed ensured that there was ultra-low latency of two seconds or less, plus a buffering feature that kept the stream intact if a virtual attendee experienced connectivity or latency issues. These features guaranteed that attendees wouldn’t miss a second of any of the presentations and could send in questions via the included chat feature in near real-time—which were must-haves to satisfy the CLE requirement. By working directly with BAMSL to not only find a solution that would work with their budget but to also handle important components like marketing and reporting, Geniecast took the initiative to go above and beyond what a normal video production company would do.