Case Study



Pearson is a leading education company, with 35,000 employees across 70 countries worldwide. Their products and services are used by millions of teachers and learners around the globe every day. For their 2017 Academic Partners Summit, they wanted a specific subject matter expert to not only present relevant content to the conference, but to also do it utilizing online technology so they could showcase that particular delivery method as it relates to education.


Dr. Peter Senge is a leading expert on organizational learning and how it applies to business, education, healthcare, and government. Pearson wanted him specifically for their event so he could speak to system changes and how to execute them in the face of opposition and other obstacles. But Dr. Senge is a renowned speaker and expert, and Pearson knew that his in-person fee would be well outside their budget.


Through previously established networking, executives at Pearson were already aware of Geniecast and initiated contact to see if Dr. Senge could be secured within their budget constraints if he appeared virtually. This would give them the expert speaker they desired while also fulfilling their wish to promote more online and virtual education solutions to their audience. Geniecast negotiated directly with Dr. Senge’s office to make sure both he and Pearson would be satisfied with the terms and format for this event.


The event audience included over 200 academics from not-for-profit universities as well as Pearson staff, all gathered in the same ballroom; Dr. Senge was the only one appearing virtually. The original plan was for a one hour presentation followed by Q&A, but Dr. Senge went off script a bit and went right into the Q&A immediately. This proved to be a happy accident, however, as it turned the entire segment into a large and informative conversation between Dr. Senge and the audience, with a moderator able to direct the conversation according to Pearson’s overall goals. The engagement and interaction generated positive feedback from all who were in attendance, and the event opened up an ongoing dialog between Pearson and Geniecast for more virtual education opportunities down the road.