Case Study



Professional Convention Management Association (PCMA) is the definitive authority in education, business networking, and community engagement for leaders in the global meetings, convention, and business events industry. Their annual Convening Leaders conference brings this to life, and the Global Lab is a section within the conference that provides ongoing interactive education throughout the event. PCMA is always on the lookout for the “next big thing,” especially when it comes to innovation. They sought to bring in a collection of international speakers to present innovative, interactive content at Global Lab.


PCMA made international background a priority for their offerings at Global Lab. They didn’t want experts who were merely well-traveled; they wanted experts currently living and working in different places around the world. But PCMA realized it would be difficult to fly in and house the number of experts they desired for the variety of topics they wanted to offer and still stay on schedule and within budget.


Geniecast offered to procure a number of speakers from multiple global locations at a fraction of the cost of in-person appearances for similar experts and well within the timeline required by PCMA’s schedule. Geniecast created a list of 30 Genies whose content and credentials satisfied PCMA’s needs; from that list, four Genies were selected to fill out the Global Lab’s education track. Geniecast worked out the scheduling for these global experts to fit seamlessly into the conference lineup.


Geniecast delivered four speakers from international locations to program Global Lab, PCMA’s education track within their annual Convening Leaders conference. These experts educated conference attendees via Casts that included interaction, engagement, and Q&A through live, two-way video in a large conference room setting that allowed the presentations to fit right into PCMA’s schedule of breakout sessions. Geniecast gave PCMA a cutting edge, innovative international education program within time constraints and on budget.