Case Study

Los Angeles Society of Plastic Surgeons


The Los Angeles Society of Plastic Surgeons (LASPS) is the premier organization of Plastic Surgeons in the Greater Los Angeles area. Founded over 30 years ago by a group of pioneering and innovative surgeons, LASPS focuses on providing continuing medical education (CME) to its members. LASPS leadership sought to have internationally acclaimed plastic surgeon Dr. Rod Rohrich, M.D., F.A.C.S., present to members at the association’s Quarterly Meeting.


LASPS thought Dr. Rohrich’s considerable knowledge and cachet would be a boon for their Quarterly Meeting. Unfortunately, Dr. Rohrich was unable to travel from his home in Dallas, TX to Los Angeles for the meeting. LASPS needed an innovative and cost-effective solution that would allow Dr. Rohrich to present to the Society’s membership and still give members the opportunity to interact with him.


After seeing one of their ads online, Dr. Peter Grossman, President of LASPS, reached out to Geniecast to learn more about the company, explore its technology, and find out how it could satisfy his organization’s needs. In their initial meeting, he realized Geniecast production services could be used to have plastic surgeons from across the country speak at LASPS events, and shared the information with his fellow executives. Geniecast proposed a production package to deliver Dr. Rohrich virtually to mitigate the travel issue, and LASPS requested a complete production package so they could retain a recording of the presentation for future use. When it was discovered that their original venue choice had inadequate internet access, LASPS moved the meeting to the Beverly Hills Hotel to leverage a hardwired internet connection.


LASPS deemed the reaction to the Dr. Rohrich virtual presentation as “overwhelmingly positive.” Geniecast delivered a Cast with no delay in the interactions between the room and Dr Rohrich, the broadcast audio and video matched, and the visualizations were clear. Attendees remarked that it felt like a real interaction, as if the presenter had actually been in the room. LASPS felt the event opened the eyes of membership to the possibilities of virtual presentations, and they were pleased that Geniecast’s production and service made the entire process pain-free. “The amount of support from Geniecast made the presentation go without a hitch,” said Dr. Grossman. “This was something brand new to our Society, and it was received incredibly well and opened up the minds of all of our membership on how we can now have presenters from areas throughout the country and throughout the world in a way that will enhance our meetings and save us money.”