Case Study



Founded by internationally-acclaimed business expert, speaker, and author Verne Harnish, Gazelles Inc. is a growth-focused association that provides executive education, coaching, and technology services to help mid-market companies around the world with strategic planning. They regularly hold “Scaling Up” conferences and summits for members featuring top speakers, informational workshops, and networking sessions that draw attendees from around the world.


For one of their recent “Scaling Up” summits, Gazelles sought an innovative and creative way to boost registration—and, consequently, attendance—because they thought the usual email drip campaign outreach methods wouldn’t be effective enough to justify the effort. They wanted to offer an event that would incentivize prospective attendees to go ahead and register and would also provide data about those prospects that Gazelles didn’t already have.


Geniecast created a virtual learning event featuring Verne Harnish appearing via live, two-way interactive video. Gazelles sent out invitations to everyone in their contact lists, effectively offering the reward of a complimentary event to their early summit registrants as well as creating “fear of missing out” among non-registrants. Geniecast produced the event itself, but also set up a registration web page; helped with advertising materials and email collateral; captured relevant data from before and after the event; and sent Gazelles an engagement report at the end of the presentation.


Gazelles received valuable data from the sign-up for this pre-conference event. Members who likely would have eventually signed up for the summit anyway took advantage of the virtual presentation offer and followed through on registration. But Gazelles also ended up with a curated list of members who signed up for the complimentary event and not the conference. Gazelles was then able to identify those members as interested, but maybe in need of an additional nudge to follow through on conference registration. And the Cast itself was an innovative event that wowed the audience. “Our attendees loved Verne's presentation, especially the fact that they were able to directly ask him questions and receive immediate answers,” said Megan Burns, Marketing Consultant for Gazelles. “Geniecast also delivered on helping us think through the broadcast process and they executed to deliver a flawless two-way live video broadcast production."