Case Study

Contegix Hosting


Contegix is a growing data hosting company based in St. Louis, MO, serving small and large companies with outsourced data hosting solutions. One of the company’s core competencies is hosting the Atlassian software suite in large corporate environments. As such, the global Atlassian user population is a critical area of opportunity for Contegix, and the company has a dedicated focus on engaging and deepening relationships with Atlassian users.

For several years, Contegix has been doing active outreach to the Atlassian user community. Those efforts are performing as expected, but the company’s leadership craved a new approach. Ideally, the new approach would serve several objectives:

  • Support Contegix’ brand positioning as a forward-thinking, innovative organization
  • Complement current outreach efforts involving physical attendance at Atlassian user group meetings
  • Support brand awareness among current Atlassian users
  • Drive word of mouth and buzz among Atlassian users
  • Deliver engagement with Atlassian users outside the sales process


Inability to Scale Current Engagement Efforts Contegix’ legacy outreach efforts involve physical attendance at Atlassian User Group (AUG) meetings in Chicago, Kansas City and other locations throughout the Midwest. These efforts are successful. Contegix representatives forge relationships with the target audience by sharing expertise and providing guidance in a face-to-face environment.

The challenge with physical, highly personalized outreach is that it’s difficult to scale. The time and cost of travel become greater limitations as efforts increase. And interactions with the target audience are subject to the calendar of AUG meetings and the willingness of the target audience to travel physically to the meetings.

Contegix leadership, however, is reluctant to rely too heavily on more efficient, less personalized methods of outreach. Email marketing, for example, is an inexpensive means of pushing out information to customers and prospects, but it eliminates the dialogue. And the dialogue is crucial to building trust and establishing Contegix as a resource for these users.

In short, the Contegix team was motivated to identify a new format for engaging prospects — one that wouldn’t require travel and wouldn’t boil the interaction down to a non-personal level.


Geniecast as Scalable Engagement Platform Geniecast proposed that Contegix host a two-way videocast panel for Atlassian users. The event was designed as a free learning event for Atlassian users; panel speakers would include experts from both Contegix and Atlassian. A Geniecast moderator would interface between Atlassian users and the experts, ensuring the conversation flowed and user questions were answered. The two-way video format would allow Contegix to host the event from St. Louis. The Atlassian representative could join the event without leaving his office in Atlanta, and Geniecast moderator Sarah Hill could also join the event remotely.

The Contegix team chose to implement the Geniecast solution because:

  • The interactive component of two-way video addressed the concerns about engagement. Atlassian users would have the ability to interact face-to-face, albeit digitally, with Contegix and Atlassian experts. It’s worth noting that Contegix had experimented with webinars in the past and found that the one-way format was not human enough and attendance suffered.
  • The Geniecast representative worked closely with the Contegix team to understand the brand concerns and business goals, which ultimately led to the design of an effective solution.
  • The two-way video format supports Contegix branding as an innovative, forward-thinking company. No Contegix competitors are currently delivering valuable content to prospects via two-way video.


Attendance The first Contegix videocast presented by Geniecast was treated as a proof of concept by Contegix. The event was marketed on the Contegix website, in Atlassian news feeds and via email, direct sales outreach, and social media. The Contegix team was realistic about the attendance objective for this first event, considering the company had never hosted a two-way video panel before. Twenty-one Atlassian users joined the videocast, which was within Contegix’ targeted attendance range.

Engagement The engagement level was high. Atlassian users participated in a Q&A session that lasted 30 minutes. During the Cast, Contegix received multiple emails from excited Atlassian users expressing how much they enjoyed the content and the two-way video format. This level of interaction with a business-critical audience is priceless, and very much in line with Contegix’ core business objectives to engage, to drive buzz and to present the brand as forward-thinking and innovative. The Atlassian expert on the panel also had positive feedback, expressing his interest in participating in future two-way videocasts with Contegix.

Conclusion The two-way video delivery of content is a viable engagement platform that aligns with Contegix branding and business goals. Based on the level of interaction and feedback from the Participants and Presenters, the Contegix team is excited to roll out two-way videocasts to larger Atlassian user audiences, plus user groups from different vendors and other target audiences important to the business. And it’s already giving them positive ROI; click here to watch SVP of Marketing and Communications Tom Prindiville describe how two influencers within their industry went from prospects to customers because Geniecast allowed Contegix to say “yes” to an opportunity they’d otherwise have to say “no” to. Using Geniecast as an engagement platform, the Contegix team sees a clear path to creating a national audience among 50,000 potential clients.