Case Study

Associated Luxury Hotels International


Associated Luxury Hotels International (ALHI) is a global sales organization that is dedicated to the Meeting and Incentive marketplace. They host an annual Insurance and Financial Leadership Exchange (IFLE) conference where dozens of finance, insurance, and member hotel marketing executives gather to discuss key issues in their respective industries and hear in-person presentations from relevant subject matter experts.


There were a number of speakers already on the agenda for the 2017 IFLE covering subjects like cybersecurity and risk management. But ALHI found itself with a late opening in the conference schedule and was feeling a lot of pressure to fill the spot with a meaningful speaker because of the high profile of their attendees. They were looking for a cybersecurity expert that could fill an hour with 45 minutes of presentation and 15 minutes of Q&A with the audience.


Through networking with another large business association, an ALHI executive knew of Geniecast and their ability to deliver expertise and engagement to conferences like IFLE. They reached out via Geniecast’s online submission form to request information on booking a Genie for the event. Geniecast replied immediately and got to work putting together a Wishlist of relevant speakers who were within ALHI’s content and budget parameters. After being wow’d by his content and delivery, ALHI decided cybersecurity expert Josh Linkner would be a perfect fit for the IFLE audience. Ten copies of Josh’s latest book, “Hacking Innovation,” were reserved as giveaways to promote engagement among attendees.


The event went off without a hitch, and ALHI was absolutely delighted by Josh’s presentation and Geniecast’s production. They liked the experience so much they even asked Josh to write up a brief article about his expertise as well as his experience at IFLE to be included in the association’s next newsletter. ALHI also added a tip-of-the-cap write-up about Geniecast to the publication. ALHI received great feedback from attendees about the event, and requested an open dialog with Geniecast for future considerations in the event space.