World-class speakers and thought leaders delivered in stunning Augmented Reality

Geniecast merges cutting-edge augmented and mixed reality technologies with our world-class production of live or recorded video to create experiences you won’t find anywhere else. Imagine face-to-face, real-time engagement with a lifelike representation of an expert, speaker, or thought leader standing hundreds of miles away. We merge the real and augmented worlds to produce an environment where physical and digital objects co-exist in real-time without the use of handheld devices or cumbersome head gear.

Whether you just need production services, or wish to choose from the premium content of our thousands of Genies and Programs, we are fully equipped to deploy worldwide and deliver a transformational experience to your audience.


Our AR content wows audiences and presenters alike by enhancing any production with interactive graphics, animation, data tools, and more.


Our fully immersive MR production seamlessly transports presenters and viewers to any interactive location or experience.