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Imagine having the ability to talk with, not just get talked at. What if a discussion about streaming featured the words interactivity, engagement, and dialogue, and the exchange of ideas that would result? And in real time, no less?

The current state of the streaming industry is reminiscent of that scene in the original Ghostbusters movie where the four heroes are brought before the fictional mayor of New York to explain themselves and the phenomena they’re busting.

Only, the new version would sound something like this:

What he means is Streaming Wars in 2020 and beyond, Mr. Mayor, real Wrath of God-type stuff. HBO Max and Peacock coming down from the sky! Traditional cable operators marketing themselves as broadband providers! ViacomCBS rising from the grave! Netflix in 130 countries…Disney and Fox, living together…mass hysteria!
Enough, indeed.

Other than the delivery medium itself, there’s nothing new here. Giant media companies are consolidating and gobbling up content so they can get more of your money and attention.

Lots of questions that not many companies are bothering to answer…not even the big empires mentioned above. They’re too caught up in the mass hysteria of billion-dollar mergers and platform consolidation. Media industry executive and thinker Peter Chernin recently said, “Trust me, there’s a helluva lot more disruption coming.” He’s not just talking about mergers. I think he’s talking about a real disruption; something more along the lines of conversation.

Further, media companies are afraid to go too far out on a limb because they don’t realize what they’re capable of. They’re underutilizing their technology in favor of getting bigger and delivering faster. That’s business. But all they’re delivering is that same media stream where they’re talking at you, not with you. They’re afraid to have a conversation.

Remember, the door swings both ways. One Ghostbuster with a proton pack isn’t going to be effective against media giants climbing after them like the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man. That monster is just too powerful. But when you cross the streams and add the real power of conversation into the mix, that’s a true streaming innovation.

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