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Get the Coronavirus Expertise You Need Via Geniecast

With the rise of the coronavirus from China and its global spread, companies around the world are already seeing significant disruption and major events are starting to be cancelled. Concerns about this pandemic are valid. But it doesn’t necessarily mean important work and the creation of meaningful connections have to grind to a halt.

We’ve scoured our roster to find the experts who can bring considerable knowledge and experience to bear for companies working to navigate the coronavirus event:

Dr. Marc Milstein is a coronavirus expert who is available for conversations on unique elements of this virus, the odds of contracting it, and separating the hype from reality.

Dr. Darria Long Gillespie is a prominent Yale- and Harvard-trained ER physician who personalizes her expertise for audiences of all sizes and has already appeared on the HLN network to talk about coronavirus.

Dr. Joel Selanikio is a former CDC outbreak investigator and lead physician at an Ebola clinic in West Africa in 2015. Few people understand and can communicate the global impact of an event like coronavirus better.

Jason Schenker is an expert financial markets forecaster who can discuss industry and business intelligence and answer questions about any ongoing economic impact resulting from coronavirus.

There are certainly more questions than answers around coronavirus and its impacts. But most of the informationavailable is generalized for public consumption and features the most common denominators. Coronavirus expertise specific to any business’s needs is only possible from a real conversation with an expert, not a lecture from one.

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