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Support: mastering what’s “behind the scenes” so you don’t have to


Terms like “production” and “services” may be ambiguous, but the actions and activities they describe mean a lot when it comes to making an event happen.

Let’s say you run an association that caters to members spread over a wide geographical area. Part of what you provide your membership includes required educational courses that keep them at the top of their game within your industry. It probably seems like a no-brainer to offer those courses in a virtual format to minimize costs, travel time for your members, etc., right? Right.

But pulling off a successful virtual curriculum takes more than just having people “dial in” via their cell phones or tablets. Who is going to make sure attendees receive credit for attending? What if your PowerPoint slides don’t show up during the presentation? How about video hosting, or analysis and reporting after the event?

Doing the hard work

Geniecast can help your meeting or event or even your training curriculum go from good to great with our Full-Service Virtual Experience and Community Management support.

  • Virtual Community & Event Support – We’ve been engineering results-driven conversations for our clients for years. That means connecting the audience with real-time learning and engagement, procuring and engaging new prospects, reinforcing brand messaging, capturing relevant audience data, and more.
  • Virtual Event Production & Experience Services – This is our original bread and butter, baby! We can go all virtual, or we can enhance and expand an in-person event by going hybrid. And we handle it all: we facilitate live, two-way video; we can provide live, virtual moderators; and our live, virtual producers are second to none.
  • Community Manager – We cover more than just the event itself. Our Community Manager platform can take care of things like registration, invitations, and reminder delivery beforehand as well as video hosting, discussion groups, and audience polling after. It’s all turnkey, and the data and learnings drive alignment, engagement, and smart growth for clients.

We take pride in the support we provide to our clients. Recently, Keeley Companies tabbed us to help scale up their KeeleyU training and education platform by taking over the production and hosting duties so presenters and experts could focus on delivering content to employees from the board room to workers in the field.

When the Bar Association of Metropolitan St. Louis needed to overhaul their Continuing Legal Education curriculum, they called Geniecast to assist with everything from course registration and payment processing to producing virtual and hybrid courses required by the Missouri State Bar.

From production and platform solutions to engagement and conversations that produce results, we’ll support you and your event every step of the way. We’ll maximize your budget and optimize your return. And you’ll reach audiences in ways you never dreamed. Give us a call or reach out at info@geniecast.com and we’ll show you how.

This post is one in a three-part series focusing on what we at Geniecast offer to clients in both products and services: Solutions, Support, and Sensations.