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Solutions: making expertise, thought leadership, and curated content accessible

Several years ago, our CEO Keith Alper attended an event where a well-known but not-quite-welcome-in-the-country figure was supposed to give a speech. We won’t call anyone out, but let’s just say the name of this speaker’s company rhymes with Rickie Weeks.

Anyway, it was obvious this guest couldn’t appear in person, so his presentation was done over live video. And while two-way video technology had been around for some time, Keith wondered if there was a company dedicated to using that technology to deliver speakers and experts and thought leaders as solutions to the problems facing businesses today.

It turns out there wasn’t. And not long after that…

The Birth of Geniecast

Today, we can boast the tech, the production, and the talent to solve any organization’s most pressing business issues. We’ve built the world’s largest platform of speakers, experts, and thought leaders, and we can deliver them and their content across the globe via live, two-way interactive video.

  • Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime. It may sound cliché, but we really mean it. Our site features thousands of Genies who have created programs and presentations covering everything from business to education to entertainment. And if you want someone you don’t see on our site, we can get them, too. It doesn’t matter if you’re in Portland, Maine and they’re in Portland, Oregon…we’ll deliver them to your audience and a time that works best for everyone.
  • Virtual Solutions. We’re not looking to replace the in-person presentation; we’re looking to enhance and augment it by delivering the same expertise and content and engagement virtually. Sometimes the logistics of an appearance aren’t feasible. Sometimes it’s the scheduling. Sometimes you just don’t have the capacity to manage talent sourcing. Let us do it.
  • More Bang for the Buck. You have a budget. We get that. If you can get the expert you really want at a 25%-75% cost savings, why wouldn’t you do it? There are plenty of solutions to be found at any price point, but your money simply goes farther with Geniecast.

Find Out How We’ve Helped Clients Deliver Speakers Virtually or Bringing Virtual Speakers to a Stage Near You
Honestly, finding solutions is kind of our thing. The Los Angeles Society of Plastic Surgeons (LASPS) wanted an internationally-acclaimed doctor to speak at their quarterly meeting, but he was unable to travel. We set up a two-way video Cast to bring him into the Beverly Hills Hotel virtually—with no loss of content or audience interaction (LASPS even gave us a shout out on social media).

When the City of San Angelo, Texas was looking to expand their audience for the Governor’s Small Business Forum, we helped them increase the engagement of on-site and remote attendees in a cost-effective yet innovative manner.

We deliver organizational solutions via live, two-way interactive video programming and curated content aimed at optimizing impact and maximizing budgets. Let us be your one-stop, full-service shop for virtual experiences you won’t find anywhere else. Call or visit info@geniecast.com to learn more!

This post is one in a three-part series focusing on what we at Geniecast offer to clients in both products and services: Solutions, Support, and Sensations.