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Learning & Development: Investing in Knowledge

A version of this piece also appears in the Nitrous Effect magazine; click here to read the original version. The Nitrous Effect is a collective of unique event, marketing, and experience agencies–of which Geniecast is a part.

One of the most important investments a company can make is having a robust Learning and Development program for its workforce—employees, managers, and executives. A recent LinkedIn study concluded that a quarter of companies surveyed planned to increase their L&D spend in 2017, most preferred some version of instructor-led training, and nearly half utilize online training and/or eLearning from an external provider.

But the kind of expertise these programs require doesn’t come cheap. Motivational speakers, corporate trainers, and other subject matter experts spend a lot of time just getting from appearance to appearance—and their fees reflect it. As companies continue adjusting to the modern version of the workplace, which increasingly includes people working from home or other offsite locations, virtual solutions will naturally play a prominent role in the delivery of content.

In today’s world of customized, live, on-demand everything, however, a webinar with a couple of multiple choice questions afterward won’t cut it. Companies must find a way to engage their employees. A curated curriculum via live, two-way interactive video offers a cost-effective, robust, and calculated approach to developing a smart, engaged workforce—from fanning the flames of innovation, motivation, and creativity to solving organizational challenges that are deeply woven into the infrastructure and corporate culture.

Everyone looks to technology for solutions that will make work and life easier. For companies that want to make an innovative and engaging investment in their employees, it only makes sense that they look to do so in the most effective and efficient way possible. Geniecast hits that mark. They have developed the world’s largest platform of speakers, thought leaders, and experts to become the global leader in delivering premium, customized content to organizations and audiences of all sizes via live, two-way interactive video.